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Experienced representation to fight drug, DWI and other criminal charges.


Drug Crimes

Strong defense aimed at reduced charges


DWIs And Traffic Tickets

Handling a range of drunk driving and traffic violations


Violent Crime Arrests

Serious crimes do not always mean serious time

Experienced, Straight-Forward Service That Is Always On Your Side

Being handcuffed and arrested is a terrifying and demoralizing time. It can take away your confidence and leave you with the insecurity of facing high fines and even prison time. This is a time that demands a serious criminal defense attorney that will stand up for you — no matter what.

My name is Michael D’Amico. I have spent a lifetime devoted to the law. I am a defense attorney because everyone has the right to a vigorous, comprehensive defense. And that’s what I provide.

Solid Legal Defense Throughout Buffalo And Surrounding Communities

Handling Tough Cases Throughout Buffalo

Handling Tough Cases Throughout Buffalo

I have a deep understanding of criminal legal processes and can work to help you get positive results. Cases I handle include:

  • Drug charges: Let my strategic defense help you in or out of the courtroom with possession, intent to sell drugs and major trafficking across state lines.
  • Theft: In the state of New York, getting charged for theft such as stealing someone’s identify, shoplifting and embezzlement is a serious matter. Let my experience help defend you.
  • Federal charges: From drugs and firearms, to conspiracy and fraud, I offer committed representation at trial.
  • DWIs: My deep knowledge of drunk driving laws can help present your best possible case against the prosecution and strive to prevent license revocation for first-time and recurring arrests.
  • Violent crimes: Homicide? Assault? Your future depends on a lawyer who knows this complex side of the law. I am that lawyer.
  • Traffic tickets: From careless driving to speeding tickets, I can assist in resolving your road arrests.

Tenaciously Fighting Charges – Discuss Your Legal Issue Today

I make a point to keep working to get the best possible future for my clients. I take pride in helping people get on the right track either through alternative sentencing options or with advice after the case is resolved. I care about my clients and I make sure I show it.

Call me, Michael L. D'Amico, Attorney at Law, today to discuss your legal concerns at Contact. You can also reach me through our easy email form. I will work to assist you in avoiding jail time and high fines, with experienced representation for complex legal matters.